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The computeredtech.biz business model is based upon the assumption that comparative advantage for organizational enterprise in a digital economy will be directly related to its capability to deliver service and product both interactively and real-time in global markets.

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Technology partners have agreements with Computer Education Techniques, Inc. Each entity or individual has a quantifiable record of successful performance for teaching information technology subject matter.

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These are information technology professionals which work with CETi and selectively accept assignments: operating systems, internetworking, system software, application development, cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile devices.

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The course search engine embodies the collective experience of CETi.biz and spans the modern era of data processing; which now is collectively referred to as information technology.

Training services and courses have been developed in accordance with the principles of adult learning theory.

Industry standard curriculum to be offered in the public domain will be submitted to the New York State Department of Education Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.



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