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The computeredtech.biz business model is based upon the assumption that comparative advantage for organizational enterprise in a digital economy will be directly related to its capability to deliver service and product both interactively and real-time in global markets.

Libraries on the SYS-ED and Computer Education Techniques website are being organized and extended for digital content. Coursework from Cornell University is being applied to the enterprise database for a cognitive search engine and courseware: Vithala Rao Phd - Marketing Decision Models, Marketing Strategy, and New Product Management - Conjoint Analysis, David Gautschi, Marketing Research, William Wendell, CEO Carborundum - Strategic Management - Counter Cyclical Business Models, and Richard Thaler Phd - Behavioral Economics. The principles and recommendations of Clayton M. Christensen are being used to evaluate and refine preparation for test marketing - quality, cost, and disruption in the United States for information technology training: The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton M. Christensen, Harper Collins Publishers, Copyright 1997, 2000 by the President and Fellows of Harvard College.

Field research research is being performed on the upper west side of Manhattan to develop a model for qualifying and predicting browsing interest, purchase intent, and demand for books on information technology software aligned with IT software and hardware demographics being reported by market research firms and report journalism.  The objective is to develop information technology book stocking algorithm: New York Public Library, Barnes and Noble Commercial Book Store. The benchmark for comparison will be the brick and mortar Amazon Book stores in Manhattan - 34th Street and other locations not yet visited.

Primary Research Libraries used by David Shapiro is SIBL: Science, Industry and Business Library 188 Madison Avenue - 34th Street and Madison Avenue, New York, NY, 10016 and New York Public Library for the Performing Arts, Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Center 40 Lincoln Center Plaza - 65th Street and Columbus Avenue New York, New York, 10023.

There also have been visits to several branch locations – primarily on the upper West Side of Manhattan.

Developing content for moneticization as a reviewer service of information technology trends which initially is distributed through respected report journalism starting with: Wall Street Journal, New York Times, and Bloomberg Business Week. Selective outward facing content will be available through SYS-ED websites and the Computer Education Techniques, Inc. cognitive search – conjoint analysis will be the more comprehensive moneticization. Over time, the enterprise database will be developed into a subscription service knowledge base with factual data aggregated, interpreted, and distributed selectively through SYS-ED websites and third parties  as recommendations: free and minimal cost information technology training resources such as Lynda.com through the New York Public Library system, competitor multi-media delivery medium, and resources available through a commercial software company, open source purveyor, and industry project websites.

Updating the code and adding tools to measure pre and post course information technology job skills training. This includes testing which qualifies and restricts employees from enrolling in a SYS-ED course. Its intended use is by independent accredited third parties. It builds upon a New York State of Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision directors meeting assignment and will be integrated with the tuition assessment payment system required by the New York state. David Shapiro and David Silverberg will observe and learn from the shutdown of the “AltSchool and the $175 million venture capital invested by Zuckerberg and Powell-Jobs. According to Wall Street Journal reporting, critics say hype about the approach has run ahead of any extensive research showing it works.

SYS-ED will concentrate on extended its with distance-learning to serve as a prototype to refine a platform that organizes students’ work and tailors assignments to individual needs. The goal continues to be a personalized learning movement which helps students become self-directed and resilient to meet the requirements in a modern workplace.

CETi target market primarily will be through accredited education: community colleges, trade schools, junior colleges, and specialized IT training requirements at 4 year colleges and universities.  It is possible that there could be other ancillary markets - through hardware and software companies and in-house trainers at Fortune 1000 companies.

The assumption is that both will submit GSA schedules.

CETi.biz will be joint ventures and busines relationships with WBE and MBE.

Technology Partners

Technology partners have agreements with Computer Education Techniques, Inc. Each entity or individual has a quantifiable record of successful performance for teaching information technology subject matter.

Satellite Instructors

These are information technology professionals which work with CETi and selectively accept assignments: operating systems, internetworking, system software, application development, cloud computing, Big Data, and mobile devices.

Course Search Engine

Knowledge Base - Computer Education Techniques Advanced search

The course search engine embodies the collective experience of CETi.biz and spans the modern era of data processing; which now is collectively referred to as information technology.

Training services and courses have been developed in accordance with the principles of adult learning theory.

Curriculum to be offered in the public domain will be submitted to the New York State Department of Education Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision.



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